Kangaroo Island Kangaroos


The wildlife on Kangaroo Island is extensive. At Rustic Blue we do not farm.

Our 500 acre property is dedicated to the Native Wildlife of the Island - 'Kangaroo Island' Kangaroos, Wallabies, Possums, Echidna and an abundance of birds. The Island's isolation has seen some species evolve differently from the mainland species.

This is evident in the Kangaroo Island Kangaroos, a subspecies of the Western Grey Kangaroo which is smaller, darker and has longer fur than its mainland counterpart. Our wild kangaroos often come and graze near the gallery and gardens. You may get to see a young joey with its head out of its mums pouch at different times of the year. They are free to roam our property as we have no fencing other than around our gallery and cafe gardens.

Enjoy an evening of wildlife viewing at Rustic Blue on our Nocturnal Wildlife Experience.