At Rustic Blue we care for Kangaroo and Possum Joeys that have lost their mothers in road accidents. Often the joey is still inside the dead mums pouch. If the death is recent we check the pouches, wrap the baby in a jumper and then drag the mum off of the road.

Joeys attach themselves to you very quickly. They must be given a special joey milk supplement from the Vets if they are to survive. Every 2 hours they must get their milk, especially when small. We do as the mum would do and care for them intensely until they are 11 months old which is when they no longer need to be in a pouch.

After this time however they still need milk twice a day and are not ready to look after themselves until they are 16 months of age. It costs around $100 a week to care for an orphan.


Misty's little boy "Champ" is now a thriving young adult boy who still hangs with his mum but is very independent.  He is very friendly and I’m able to touch him when I want, but he mixes with the other wild ‘roos very well.  He will be ready to mate with his first girls in November. 

Misty's little joey “Magic” is now out of the pouch and exploring the outside world, but keeping mum nearby. We named this baby "Magic" as it really is amazing that Misty got pregnant again.  She is still coming to the house for a good pat - the females are very affectionate and we continue to talk to the growing joey.

Latest Joey – ‘Gypsy’

Gypsy was an orphan as her mum was bitten by a snake on our property and we were able to save her and not the mum. She was just 6-7 months old when we got her (Aug 2012) and is now doing very well.  She is a really sociable joey who loves kids and people.  We had a little Willy Wag Tail baby bird that fell out of its nest and Gypsy just loved this little bird "Rascal" he can be seen flying around the kangaroos from time to time.


For those who know Gizmo the possum, she is still here running around after dark, making plenty of noise as possums do. She currently has a baby and I am able to pat both Gizzy and her baby each evening.