Here at Rustic Blue we believe in the power of the Energies of the Earth & Beyond. We have many services available for you to enjoy during your stay or we can send information out to you depending on your requirements.
  • Numerology Chart - $70 Chart includes 2 years of information for you to work with.
    • What careers are for you.
    • The four most important years in your life.
    • Compatability with your husband/partner and lots of other interesting information.
    • A 2 month Taro reading is included in the chart. (charts take up to 3 weeks to complete and will be posted to you - we require your full name and date of birth to complete the chart).
  • Taro Reading
  • Palmistry & Signature analysis is available as part of any other treatment or package.
  • Feng Shui service available by Full Time qualified Practitioners
  • Astrology Service available by Full Time qualified Practitioners