Kangaroo Island Kangaroos


At Rustic Blue we didn't need to create an environment for all of our beautiful birds, they were here when we purchased the property. We have ensured that their environment has not been affected by the amount of people who come through our business. We have a great variety of birds here and depending on the season and time of day you visit, this is what you may expect to see.

  • Splendid Fairy Wren
  • Striated Pardalote
  • Crimson Rosella
  • Galah
  • Yellow tailed black cockatoo
  • Beautiful firetail
  • Silver eye
  • New Holland Honey Eater
  • Scarlet Robin
  • Currawong
  • White fronted Chat.

We are happy to open for special interest groups and can provided light meals and drinks if needed or you can bring a picnic.

Photo: Misty the orphan with a fellow passenger
- photo cortesy of Gillian Rayment (wildlife artist from SA)