Cindy Durant Pendant


This is a small taste of some of our 30+ emerging and established artists

Christina Cordero, Printmaker - etching, New South Wales

One of Australians top printmakers having won major awards in France, Spain, Canada and many top awards in Australia. She has art work in The National Art Gallery of Australia and Art Bank. Christina resides in Bondi Sydney and is a full time artist. Her work is highly collectable, each piece is hand printed and incredibly unique. Her CV is available.

View Christina Cordero's work here

Lyn Coombe, South Australia

One of south Australias best fibre artists who specialises in "Basket Weaving" she uses plant materials that would normally be mulched into the garden or disregarded. Gardening and nature are her passion, so she feels is very passionate about the baskets. They are woven in a traditional style, tight and correct. She uses materials such as Jacaranda, Dracaena, philodendron, Robina and pine needles as well as many others. They will last forever.

View Lyn Coombe's work here

Cindy Durant, South Australia

Cindy is a very unique artist who lives in a remote part of South Australia - near the WA border on the coast near Cactus beach one of Australia's premier surf spots. Yes she also surfs. Her studio & home are totally self sufficient, using gas, wind and solar energy. She is a full time artist (when the surfs not good) who works with large pieces of glass to make amazing sculptures of art for the wall, as well as unique bowls and vessels. She also works with Fine Silver and produces one of pieces of jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and incredible sculptural pieces. Her work is displayed in Buckingham Palace and she exhibits in Australia and around the world.

View Cindy Durant's work here

Coralie Riedel, Kangaroo Island

Coralie is both a photographer and artist who also dabbles with silver jewellery. As a photographer she has over 20years experience (non digital) and has recently purchased her first serious digital camera. She has won many awards around Australia.

As an artist she is loose and controversial. She loves everything wrong. No rules in her art - I paint with the soul and I like things to look as they shouldn't. I love movement and textures in my abstracts and I like my other works to be naïve and incorrect.

Jewellery is new passion for Coralie having dabbled in a few courses she found her niche with teacher and fellow artist friend Cindy Durant. Coralie likes organic pieces (very textured) and works mainly on one off pendants, and neck laces for women.

View Coralie Riedel's work here

Dave Smillie, Kangaroo Island

Smiley as he likes to be known, is a very established Air Brush artist, who was commissioned as a teenager to work on hot rods and custom cars. He is now these days working on big abstract paintings and has been commissioned by many clients building big walled modern homes in the eastern states of Australia. He is also an avid photographer and has won a state award in WA for his work. Jewellery is a new passion that he also enjoys, working with fine silver he makes one off pieces for men.

View Dave Smillie's work here

Suzanne Trethewey, Kangaroo Island

Suzanne is a vibrant woman who lives with her husband on a large farm on KI. She has been painting for over 10 years and has won many awards on and off the Island. Her work is very interesting, as she can work in a variety of styles in a variety of mediums. She can paint that perfect landscape or can do an amazing large abstract of the ocean and is able to capture all the colours in a remarkable way. Suzanne likes to also paint her farm animals, chooks, ducks and horses etc. She is one of the Island's most exciting artists who works very intuitively in a style all of her own. Winner of the 2012 Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition. Sue won the 2013 "Floral" section of the Easter Art Exhibition

View Suzanne Trethewey's work here