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The Vision & The Dream

It had been a "Dream" over many years to open a Gallery on Kangaroo Island. After viewing many properties we found the property that had the potential to fulfil our vision. We purchased the property in 2002 and the "Rustic Blue" journey began.

The old shearing shed on the property was slowly transformed into an amazing rustic but modern Gallery space to display our works and other art items from around Australia. We later expanded to include an ablution block facility and the surrounding grounds and gardens.

After being impacted by the 2020 KI Bushfires we sold our property in August 2020, but Rustic Blue the business continues so please stay in touch and follow us on Facebook or our online store.


To enhance our own collection and our own works in Art, Photography and Jewellery we decided to keep works from around Australia by unique artists who have an interesting story behind them. We had travelled around Australia for many years and had collected many artists names of works that that we found of interest for the future gallery.

We, even today are continuing to travel and source unique works for Rustic Blue. We stable a variety of Kangaroo Island Artists in the gallery both emerging and well established.

Sue McCarthy of Kangaroo Island Health Retreat (a wonderful friend and mentor) opened our Gallery in June 2007.